in the day or in the times thru the news thru the fines out the door into the stray out of your life intot he way you think i am i am nothign concerned to you belive me when i say i never loved this anyway all of the rights i have make so amny worngs the wrongs you had fallen down and into sleep into my heart im fast asleep down thru the tunnel to the other side i'm so happy i came out alive if i hadnt who woulda thoguht id be stuck siting with you in the dark?

i would never have hurt your feelings if i ahd a wipe to wipe them away if you didnt have a life i would cut your heart open and insert mine to stay if you had twenty questions id answer every one if you neede a kidney id give you one if you were having a party i d go in aheart beat if you neede me for anything belive i would be if a jelley fish stung your leg id pee on it id do anything for you thats what best best best best freinds do!

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