All the people they hire for the music video's are Auto tuned and not a REAL singer at heart. Most of the people they choose will have had voice lessons and or alot of Auto tuned words. They want the looks not the True voice. To me a true singer is a girl or boy who trys hard to get this, and they have to want it badly. Real singers are the kids out here that have a voice that isn't trained at all and just Perfect without Auto tuning. I'm 13 and I have NEVER had a voice lesson ever in my life. I'm not gonna pay to be famous. I don't even wanna be piad to sing. I sing because I like it, and I want to Sing. I want to share my voice with people and inspire others to sing. I don't wanna be another Rebecca Black with all that Auto Tuning. If i compete in this contest i'm almost POSTIVE i will not win, and most people here will not win, unless you have the looks and money. So if you are a REAL singer like me, then you will not win this without being a rich kid with fancy cloths. But I hope you still try.

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