Perfect heart, purest soul, slighty tainted beyond control

Body young mind so old

Tired and weary, drooping and dreary

Sits there and thinks of me, in a room all alone this is my desolation

I can picture her, lost in isolation

Heart barren and void of insulation

Growing colder from the agitation

Pain beyond the imagination

Staring into her eyes with facination

Is me for I have seen the same

Broken hearts and so many girls to blame

But you were different I could tell

But we fell apart by a stupid act that gave me hell

From heaven I have fell

I am no angel but you brought me higher

Lifting me into the light as the light started burning brighter

You were the heart of my inspiration

The edge of my motivation

The one inside of me pushing for aspiration

And much to my agrivation

You must acknowlage the irony in my situation

Solitating a changing formation

While providing falsified information

Painting pictures of future love and adoration

You have stolen my fixation

For the moon does not glow without the sun

And one brighter than my izzy is none

Thank you for providing me with false hope

Eliminating the goal on the other end of this mile long rope

NO I refuse to give up on her

No matter how often times seem unsure

I will not take your bait or follow your lure

She is mine forever more

Our hearts are entertwined like two roses constricted by a vine

No mater the dark her light will shine

For me it will seek and find

No matter if I cant sence the light and am blind

Miles become inches

Oceans become ditches

Huricanes can stop me about as much as paper planes

Needles become fluffy like little lions manes

Steel knifes purchased from wal-mart

With enough force you can penetrate my heart

But I will not stop after I start

Body can be filled with lead

I will keep walking towards that light even when im dead

She is my angel that wards off all dread

Brain matter splatterd but I keep walking like it didn’t even matter

Glass shatterd stab wounds and im getting battered

Grendades in the air and all around

Ears a filled with this tearing sound

Now in three pieces reassembling on the ground

Looking the other way so I turn around

I can see it in your eyes, yeah I thought you knew

My heart wont stop cuz it beats for you

Eyes wont stop looking cuz they exist to see you

Lungs stilll filling cuz they need to breath you

Lips still moving to make the last words that reach you

Hands still trembling to touch you one last time

Obliteration is eminent but so is the rhyme

Brain spinning back in time

Back a little while when you were mine

Back to all the s*** that I left behind

Full of words I didn’t say enough

Ragged breaths tear my chest

I hope you know I love you best

Ill touch you heart and leave the rest

Broken bones and a lead filled bullet proof vest

Empty failure I failed the test

These ears must be to hear your voice

I would stop loving you but I don’t have that choice

I cant stop and itl never end

I wont try I wont even pretend

So short a time seem like blissful forever

Too far away to be together

To close to ever be apart

So close to the start

Your not that far away because your in my heart

What are you worth when you’ve lost the one you care most about

Road blocks are everywhere but Ill take the shortest route

Ill go into beast mode yea can you see me now

Whisper in my ear and tell me that you are proud

Tell me my name, yes say it aloud

This is where the transparent become visible underneath the eternal shroud

Your face I can see projected through a cloud

Dark consuming the light

Unbearable is the pain try as I might

All the sudden you come into sight

Not actually there just a blurring of light

You whisper my name like the time I wont forget

When you first told me that you loved me

All the time that I was blind I had lived to see

A wound of the heart is un nullable

Just like I can be so easily decived so gullable

A heart is uncontrollable

Guidance can be offered

But force can only find regret

For the force stronger that anything has been met

Everything blowing up and you havnt seen nothing yet

Tears burn like acid over the prisoners face

Iritating her eyes and turning them red like they were spayed with mace

This is not a contest but a race

Who can make it through while getting chased

Blood is pointless without the heart to beat it

And air is worthless without the lugs to breath it

My heart stopped beating on that very day

And the look in her eyes ment everything and took my breath away

Other than that I don’t know what else to say

Gray rainbows in my head dull in comparison

I gotta broken heart, by definition

Back when it wasn’t is the time im reminiscin’

So sitting here all alone on my own I know that your missin

Me…. of that I am sure

That you were ment to be mine forever more

Red red rose pettals fall on the floor

Remorce for the heart that beats no more

Full recovery is yet unsure

But the other half is required to endure any more

Black rose petals buried on the sea floor

For when I drowned in the ocean of tears

I shaped them into hearts with my sisscor shears

But there in halves because there without you my dear

No one can love you like I do

I love you more you know its true

Im sicker than the swine flu without you

Makes me sick to my stomach to think of us apart

I start having muscel cramps somewhere in my heart

I hope im not too far gone

I hope you havent already moved on

I hope i soon see you again

But to defy my point of being would be a sin

My heart is lonely and it wants you in

But then again you can not get what you have already been given.



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