Where are the best places to farm heavenly shards and wool cloth

As we know,heavenly shards and wool cloth are the two of the most valuable items to get wow gold in world of warcraft cataclysm.Because of this,there are many players trying hard to find the best places to farm heavelnu shards and wool cloth. Here you can find out the best answer you'd like to know.

Best Places to Farm Heavenly Shards

Heavenly Shards are a necessary material for several enchanting formulas, and can also be used to purchase high level enchanting formulas. It can be crafted with enchanting, further increasing the demand for heavenly shards. With shard prices as high as 1000 wow gold on some servers, here's a few handy ways to get your hands on some shards on the cheap (assuming you have the necessary skill to disenchant heavenly shards).

2. Normal Mode Dungeons

While heroic mode dungeons are perfectly fine for obtaining shards, normal mode level 85 dungeons – Grim Batol, Halls of Origination, and Lost City of the Tol'vir – are a relatively safe and efficient way to obtain some shards. Especially if you are a well-geared tank, these runs will be quick, painless, and profitable.

3. Three Small Ones

Keep an eye out for cheap Small Heavenly Shards on the auction house. For instance, if heavenly shards typically go for 90g, picking up a small shard for 20g would be a wise investment.(Keeping an eye out for cheap Heavenly Shards is also wise!)

Best places to Farm Wool Cloth

Wool cloth is ne of the easiest ways for you to make cheap wow gold. It is for sure that wool cloth is not as abundant as silk cloth so the demand is very high.Farming for wool cloth is a great way for a new player to make some world of warcraft gold fast. 

1.Stockades in Stormwind are the single best place for Alliance characters to farm for wool cloth. The problem is that it is very hard to solo here, unless you are high enough level. You are able to get two or three stacks per run and should keep all the green and blue items that drop. Sometimes you may come across a nice level 19 twink item that will sell well in the Auction house. 

2.Southern Barrens are a nice place to farm. This is because the Dwarf's respawn fast and there are also two rare named that spawn here. One spawns in the center of the excavation site under the tents and the other spawns just across from the tents along the wall. There is also a treasure chest that pops in this camp. We have gotten 2 BOE Blues and tons of wool in about 2 hours farming here.

These are the best places to farm heavenly shards and wool cloth in wow cataclysm.It doesnt mean the places are limited.If you'd like to know,you can find more places by visiting vipgolds.com to get rich fast by farming wow gold yourself or to buy cheap wow gold at vipgolds.com.


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